Electrolux Laundry Systems announces that its range of ENERGY STAR-qualified high spin washers has now increased to include washers with a capacity larger than 105 litres. 

A joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), ENERGY STAR was established in 1992 to help save money and protect the environment by providing customers with guidelines on energy efficient products and practices. 

Reducing energy consumption and pollution while strengthening the economy, are compelling objectives of the ENERGY STAR program. The new ENERGY STAR qualification therefore, demonstrates Electrolux Professional’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

By producing equipment that fulfils all the ENERGY STAR specifications, Electrolux Professional meets these objectives, not only passing energy savings on to its customers but also actively taking part in reducing greenhouse gas emission, thus contributing to important health and environmental benefits on a global scale.

Electrolux’s H series of high spin washers is designed on the basis of feedback from users and experts in the professional laundry field all over the world. Their insights and know-how helped drive improvements in product mechanics, ergonomics and design, all the while ensuring energy-efficiency and sustainability.

Esther Staskiewicz, Head of marketing at Electrolux Professional (Business Unit Laundry Systems) expressed pride in the fact that now an even larger range of their solutions is part of the ENERGY STAR program.

Electrolux’s High Spin range (H series) combines technology with green thinking and low running costs. Its durable, robust construction and high technology manufacturing is built to respect the environment at every point of production usage and disposal, exemplifying Electrolux Professional’s commitment to continued sustainability.

The H series offers real savings and improvements in three crucial areas: time, economy and flexibility. Electrolux’s high spin washer can complete a wash and dry cycle in less than 50 minutes without compromising the quality of the washing result. Its unique efficiency means less water and energy consumption for wash and dry cycles, helping lower operational costs by up to 70 percent while cutting the environmental footprint. 

The Automatic Water Savings (AWS) feature for washers adjusts the water level to the weight of the laundry, resulting in up to 50% water savings for half load, as well as energy savings from less water to be heated. Another unique Electrolux feature, Eco Power for dryers determines when garments are dry and automatically turns the heat down to the cool-down temperature, resulting in up to 15% energy savings. 

The H series’ flexibility is maximised through ergonomics, performance, safety and labour effectiveness. The user-friendly Compass Pro interface is intuitive, intelligent as well as easy to use, and available in 18 languages. Compass Pro is the intelligence inside the H series that enables Electrolux to provide customised solutions for every kind of laundry business, offering up to 55 programs, of which 15 are programmable.