A wide variety of ironing tables are available from Electrolux Laundry Systems . These ironing tables are designed specially and have many technical features that make it a good product to be used in this fast moving world. The ironing tables from Electrolux Laundry Systems are available in different sizes and shapes and they are designed in such a way that it tailors to specific needs. The height of the ironing tables can be adjusted according to the requirements of the users.

The product line of Electrolux Laundry Systems also includes trouble-free and easy to use cabinets that can be used to store garments. These cabinets come in rotary finish and the controls are designed such that they can be easily accessed.

Electrolux Laundry Systems offers steam boilers that come with high-end controls that facilitates fully automatic operation and is also designed such that it can meet the specific requirements of its customers. These steam boilers are available in many models to suit different applications.
The heating systems from Electrolux Laundry Systems also comes with a variable heating control which facilitates in saving energy when full capacity is not required. This feature makes it an economical option.