The practical purpose of Tactile Ground Surface indicators (TGSi) is to serve as a guiding device for the vision-impaired pedestrians through difficult city terrains. The TGSi is upheld by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1428.4, which details every aspect that affects its application from design to installation.

The nature of the AS/NZS 1428.4 requires the TGSi to be visually prominent, which is at odds with many design principles that may consider such contrast too intrusive for the end product. It has always been a dilemma for architects and interior designers to choose a TGSi product that could embrace both practicality and aesthetic as a whole. The compromise that has been adopted by the TGSi industry has seen the individual stainless steel and PVC/Polyurethane TGSi studs become popular.

Designers may choose the integrated GraniTac or the modulised VersaTac TGSi, available from Eigen Stones , to suit individual project where both Hazard and Directionals are available (both gives R13 in CSIRO's slip rating test) to overcome the non comply slip rating on most of the stainless steel directionals.

VersaTac TGSi from Eigen Stone is an approved product in both City of Perth and City of Melbourne. The substitution of the stainless steel TGSi in these two cities has resolved the problem to both architects and council engineers alike. The exfoliated finish on VersaTac TGSi also reduces the slipperiness of the stainless steel TGSi under moist conditions.

GraniTac TGSi is custom manufactured to the desired thickness and is made to match the surrounding paver.