Zenolite  is a multi-purpose colour panel product offered by the EGR Group. Zenolite is the new optical polymer gloss panel product which has a rich gloss and multi-purpose utility. Zenolite is available in standard sheet sizes, off the shelf, and comes with all the benefits of glassy look optimum impact strength. Zenolite can be bent and cut on-site making it ideal for any home or commercial use.

Zenolite is the ideal substitute for aluminium as it offers a superior glossy glass-like appearance. Zenolite does not have the weight, cost restrictions, design or other limitations that occur in the use of aluminium. Zenolite is ideal for use in homes, offices and commercial layouts.

A designer product of today, Zenolite is a designer product of today that does not require a designer budget for installation and use. Zenolite can be made available in the colour of choice from the standard range of exciting colours. Zenolite makes a good alternative for areas that need the creation of high visibility areas and eye-catching features.

Zenolite provides a sleek appearance with a gloss and depth of colour that is thoroughly modern. There are standard sheets as well as customised sheets available.