Stylelite High Gloss featured prominently at the recent Arc Architectural andInteriors event held at the Sydney Opera House.

EGR  showcased its most recent designer product, Stylelite High Gloss, a high tech co-extruded polymer laminate that creates the ultimate in Piano Varnish finish vertical surfaces.

Stylelite high gloss polymer laminate helps to eliminate the orange peel or ripple commonly found with traditional laminates or paint systems.

With Stylelite polymer laminate minor scratches and scuffs can be buffed out with off the shelf polishes, something not possible with painted doors and panels.

Stylelite high gloss laminates are available in a wide range of colours from Carbon Black to vivid Cherry. The colour range is made even more exciting with the recent addition of Silver and Champagne metallics.

The Stylelite polymer laminate colour range has been matched by the leading edge bandingcompanies, Surteco and Rehau, so that when matched with the ultra high gloss of Stylelite create stunning gloss doors and panels.

Stylelite High Gloss is the ultimate partner for EGR's other designer product Zenolite,combining to create stunning cabinets and splashbacks.