A high gloss finish for doors, drawers, and furniture, StyleLite from EGR is an acrylic finished foil sheet that provides a superior appearance compared to laminates, paint, or vinyl.

Providing a deep, high gloss colour without ripples, StyleLite acrylic finished foil sheet is an ideal choice for designers and architects looking for a finish for the doors, drawers, and fixtures in a new or renovated home.

StyleLite acrylic finished foil sheet is manufactured using state of the art extrusion processes that deliver the highest quality product. It can be laminated to a wide variety of substrates for many different applications in the kitchen, passageway, entryway, bedroom, living room, and even in offices and retail stores.

Key features of StyleLite acrylic finished foil sheet include:

  • surface marks can be easily repaired
  • good chemical resistance
  • no special equipment for machining
  • matching edge bands available
  • high UV and heat resistance
  • economical and easy to use
  • 2465mm x 1230mm sheet size.