Effective Matting Concepts  have released a new entrance mat system, for inlays at entrances to buildings.

The Master Scraper mats and Super Scraper mats offer viable alternatives for refits to existing mat recesses and are a cost-effective solution for new buildings.

Both mat systems are made from durable, 100% polypropylene needle rib, at a thickness of 15mm, and are available in 2 metre wide rolls so that they can be installed in most entrances without a join. Installation is a simple process; the product can be cut to size with a suitable knife and dropped into the recess.

Other features of these mat systems include a 5+ UV stability rating and the Flammability Rating T2/TA/LR/PASS. The Super Scraper mat system also has drainage holes where water ponding is a problem.

Turnaround on these Scraper Mats is immediate so that project deadlines are met.