Australians need a new generation treated timber durable enough for outdoor and ground contact building applications but safe for regular close human contact. The perfect product is now available and it's called Ecowood .

The first thing to know about Ecowood is that it’s formulated not to contain Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA), which is no longer appropriate for production of decking boards and hand rails, outdoor seating, picnic tables, play equipment and other frequent and direct skin contact uses.

While Tanalised CCA remains ideal for most utility structural purposes, increasing numbers of builders and architects are opting for Ecowood.

The second thing to know about Ecowood is that it is guaranteed to provide lasting inbuilt protection against termite attack and wood rot and is available in many different shapes and sizes of environmentally sustainable plantation pine for all sorts of structural and outdoor uses.

Ecowood is available in four different treatment levels. The choice of treatment level depends on the end use. For example, Ecowood only needs to be treated to H2 to offer lasting protection against termites as structural wall framing.

However, take Ecowood outdoors where it will get wet and you'll need the added protection against wood rot provided by an H3 treatment level. Use Ecowood on, or in the ground, and you should specify an H4 treatment level. For fresh water immersion uses (other than drinking water) and for engineered retaining walls, Ecowood treated to H5 should be used.