Polyester insulation from ecoMaster offers one of the safest and most durable insulation options for the home. For those with concerns about the compression, water and fire rating of polyester insulation, ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer, Maurice Beinat explains in this video how polyester insulation holds up against water, flame, tearing and compression when put to the test.

Fire rated polyester insulation

Insulation material that can catch fire cannot be sold in Australia. ecoMaster’s polyester insulation will not catch fire as the video proves clearly. ecoMaster’s extensive polyester tests comply with ISO 9705 standard. The tests also measure smoke, with ecoMaster’s polyester rating below the maximum 100 as set out for buildings without sprinklers.

ecoMaster polyester insulation is also acceptable for use in passenger rail cars that carry passengers and travel through underground tunnels.

Polyester insulation Vs water damage

ecoMaster polyester insulation exposed to water spills will not hold moisture against timber joists or floor boards, with the water simply passing through the insulation and wicking away. Even after it gets wet, polyester insulation will retain its loft (thickness) and remain in its original condition.

Coping under pressure 

Unlike many other types of insulation, ecoMaster polyester insulation has the unique ability to spring back into shape, regardless of the pressure. This unique characteristic helps save time and money while achieving the desired functional outcomes.

Image: ecoMaster polyester insulation