Victorian households are taking control of their energy consumption and rising energy costs by retrofitting their homes for energy efficiency. With a one-time investment for the retrofit that can be recovered through energy savings, many Victorians are taking advantage of a solution that provides them thermal comfort for life as well as protection against escalating energy prices.

Having understood the link between a retrofitted home and permanently reduced energy bills, households are choosing to make the investment, and treating themselves to a comfortable future, without having to pay the price.

Up to 34 per cent of an average household’s energy consumption in Victoria can be attributed to heating and cooling thermally inefficient homes. Poor thermal efficiency in a home means it is neither adequately protected from outside temperatures nor is it able to hold a comfortable indoor temperature without costing a fortune in energy bills.

However, with greater awareness, Victorian homeowners now know that a thermally efficient home requires a minimal amount of heating and cooling energy to maintain comfort. Existing homes that have been draught proofed, insulated and fitted with secondary glazing are costing significantly less to keep warm and cosy, with no unnecessary energy wastage. This one-time investment for the retrofit also pays for itself over time, while the thermal comfort benefits last a lifetime.

To optimise thermal efficiency, begin with a holistic understanding of your home’s strengths and weaknesses, so that you can make informed choices about where to invest most effectively.

To join the thousands of Victorian households who are already taking the smart road to future proof their energy use, take the first step to the ecoHome Retrofit Plan.