Developed over the past 21 years, RGF Group’s 500+ environmental product catalogue is now available in Australia and New Zealand supported directly by Ecologic and its dedicated distribution network of industry professionals.

RGF’s wastewater catalogue has been refined over the company’s 21 year history to include wash water recycling systems, oil water separators, biological systems, emulsion splitting plants and Advanced Oxidation water purification systems.

Using a combination of traditional technologies, RGF has designed easy to install, low infrastructure, skid mounted systems to meet the challenging waste streams created through manufacturing, vehicle/equipment wash down, turf and golf course operations. Indoor Air Quality and commercial air purification using a patented advanced oxidation technology is RGF’s current focus of attention. From commercial ozone generators to residential in-duct air purification, RGF’s products offer solutions for organic and chemical air quality problems and sick building syndrome.

With the support of RGF Environmental Group, Ecologic offers total resort, marine, fire/flood restoration, golf course, military, waste hauling and training programs to assist your company in meeting tightening water regulations and to remain environmentally compliant now and in the future.

RGF Environmental provides air and water purification, without the use of harmful chemicals.