Do you already use tank water to drink, shower or maybe just water your garden?

Why not go one better with an ECOFLO composting toilet which requires no water and allows you to re-use your bathroom, kitchen and laundry waste water. There is no need for extensive plumbing, ground works or maintenance contracts.

On top of these savings an ECOFLO system reduces an average household’s water consumption by around 35,000 litres per year.

Not long ago sustainable products were seen as a luxury item. A response could have been, “That would be nice, but how much more will it cost me?”

Now with the cost of utilities going up and the initial outlay for sustainable products coming down, the question facing families is not whether they can afford to be sustainable but whether they can afford not to be.

From 2010-2011 we saw water prices alone increased by 18%. At the moment we are told bulk water costs and sewerage connections for each household are set to rise by 47% to $1,346 per year on average by 2017.

The retail price of an Australian Standard certified waterless composting toilet and grey water system is approximately the same cost as an installed septic system (~$6,000 incl. GST).

This means that even if costs stayed the same, a waterless toilet can pay for itself in 8.5 years by saving $492 in sewerage access charges and $214 in toilet and garden water costs each year.

However with the predicted increase in bulk water charges, this figure is likely to be five years.

So, whether building a new home, an extension or re-modelling a bathroom now is your chance to make a change for the better. Go with an ECOFLO alternative waste water management system and start saving for the future with a waterless toilet.