Ecoflo Water Management has been providing composting waterless toilets since 1994, and today has expanded its offering to include grey water systems. Ecoflo Water Management products are available throughout Australia and are also being exported to New Zealand, the US and the UK.

Ecoflo Water Management's composting toilets are odourless, free of pollutions and chemicals, and it is estimated that each unit can save 35,000 litres of water/year. Ecoflo Water Management's composting toilet system does not require water, and proves to be a hygienic method of recycling human waste. Waste is deposited in a chamber placed beneath the toilet pedestal. The chamber is fitted with an electric fan, with a power capacity of 12 volts. This electric fan circulates air in the chamber, which helps to evaporate liquids, while eliminating odours, and speeding up the process of composting.

Centrex 2000 is one such split system that is available from Ecoflo Water Management. The minimum height required to install the Centex 2000 beneath the bathroom floor is 900 mm.

All liquid particles are evaporated, and the final processing is done in a finishing tray. The processed waste, which is similar to composted humus is odourless, and can be used for soil enrichment. The Centrex 2000 is ideal for homes of up to 5 people; and for larger homes Ecoflo Water Management's Centrex 3000 is an ideal choice.