Ecoflex Australia  has developed the Ecoflex technology that converts old, waste tyres into building and construction products. Ecoflex Australia supplies its products to the civil, commercial, mining and waste management industries in Australia. Some of its major products include the E Pod, E Rosion Control and E Wall.

The E Pod from Ecoflex Australia is used to build concrete slabs for homes and commercial units in Australia. Ecoflex Australia is able to construct sturdy and durable concrete slabs with the least use of concrete. The E Pod system from Ecoflex Australia uses site material to fill up its units.

The E Rosion system from Ecoflex Australia utilises recycled material to build structures to control water erosion. The E Rosion system is used in applications such as drainage channels, mine roads, flood plains, water courses, road, rail embankments and many more.

Other speciality products from Ecoflex Australia are trickle filtration systems, coastal erosion control systems, drop structures, erosion control systems and creek crossings. All products and services from Ecoflex Australia comply with the Australian standards of quality, safety and design.