The Ecoflex technology from Ecoflex Australia uses waste tyres to produce building and construction structures such as walls, roads and slabs. Ecoflex Australia supplies its services to the civil, commercial, mining and waste management sectors in Australia.

The E Pave system from Ecoflex Australia is used to construct roads and hardstand areas in poor soil conditions. Before construction, the Ecoflex unit lays a high strength sub base. This sub base acts as a permeable surface. The most successful application of the E Pave system has been in the underground mine roads in the Hunter Valley. E Pave is the most cost effective method of road repair and construction in areas susceptible to road damage.

The structural load capacity of these roads constructed with the help of the E Pave system is very high. It can withstand cranes and bulldozers with weights up to 100 tonnes. This method of road construction and repair from Ecoflex Australia is environmentally friendly. It also has a high drainage capacity due to its permeable nature.

The applications that the E Pave is used for are construction of roads in poor soil areas, erosion control systems, creek crossing and temporary roads.