Power Mate is a device which measures the energy usage of appliances and equipment which is plugged in for use by professionals or householders.

Whenever appliances are switched on at the wall and even if not in use they use energy and cost money.

As energy costs increase, users will be conscious of how much energy they pay for without using it.

Eco Living Centre  recommends and supplies Power Mate, a simple monitoring system that tells you how to save power, money and the environment by measuring and monitoring the energy used by each appliance in the home or office.

Alistair Duncan, Eco Living Centre, says “Power Mate is a monitoring device which is easy to use even by non-technical users.

Power Mate can measure and monitor the watts used, the energy (kWh), volts and amps for each appliance, and tell you the costs of having it switched on and the level of greenhouse emissions.

For example, a television left on standby, but not in use, can cost $100 a year in passive energy usage.

Once the cost of running appliances has been identified, the user can decide to turn them off when not in use, repair or clean them to make them more energy efficient, replace them or change how they use them.

For example, turn on the heater or fan only when you are in the room, or unplug the television when not in use.

Power Mate is a simple convenient way to save money and the environment while still enjoying all the modern conveniences” Duncan said.