Eco Living Centre  is engaged in providing water and energy saving products and services. Eco Living Centre offers a variety of rain water tanks, grey water systems, solar hot water systems, solar power systems, garden irrigation solutions, insulation products, and ventilation and energy saving products.

Eco Living Centre specialises in designing systems for saving water and energy resources, which are aimed at protecting the environment without affecting the lifestyle of people. Eco Living Centre helps customers in the selection and installation of energy saving products based on the environment of application. The energy savin products available from Eco Living Centre are regarded to be affordable.

The Eco Living Centre shop offers services to builders, architects, the government, schools, houseowners, and others who are in need of energy and water saving products to be installed at their door step. The Eco Living Centre shop stocks the major energy saving products of Eco Living Centre namely Flouresave and Thermilate .

The Flouresave energy saving unit comprises a controlled microprocessor, which helps reduce the impact of the environment on the space and increase the life and power of tubelights and fittings installed. The Thermalite product from Eco Living Centre provides a thermal blanket to any surface that is painted. Thermalite can be mixed with the paint and can be apply on any surface to prevent heat transfer through vaccum microspheres. The use of Thermalite is said to save 37% of energy.