BT Bamboo flooring from Eco Flooring Systems offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hardwood flooring. Not only is bamboo a renewable and easily sustainable resource, it is also harder and more often more stable than other timber floors. Matured bamboo has a tensile strength that is comparable to steel , as a result bamboo is a strong, durable solution to flooring.

Bamboo is extremely fast growing and has a unique colour that is naturally lighter than other hardwood timbers. Flooring produced from bamboo often has a greater dimensional stability and subsequently less expansion and contraction than traditional wood floors.

The features of BT Bamboo flooring include:
Accents the pattern of natural bamboo
Environmentally friendly  with no urea formaldehydes
Prefinished with seven layers of coatings that include gloss, satin or commercial 
Easy installation eliminating sanding and excess fumes;and
Consistent premium quality solid bamboo with superior laminations. 

BT Bamboo flooring is produced from bamboo that has been grown to maturity prior to harvesting to ensure the strength and quality of the product.

The lamination process uses only water based coatings and in addition only branded adhesives are used to avoid delamination or high levels of urea-formaldehyde.

Eco Flooring Systems ensure that manufacturing processes are consistent to guarantee that the products are of a superior quality and environmentally ethical.

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