In an age of increased awareness about dwindling resources and climate change, bamboo has become an icon of sustainability.

Bamboo flooring is being used more and more in both commercial and residential projects, where the choice of products used considers the environmental impact of using the product.

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that has been used as construction material for thousands of years. Ecologically, the harvesting of bamboo does not affect the world’s already dwindling timber resources.

Technically considered a grass, bamboo has the ability to grow to maturity in 4-6 years while hardwoods take decades to achieve maturity.

The intricate root system remains unharmed upon harvesting and starts to grow within a few months thus allowing for sustainable future growth. Once cut, other hardwoods are lifeless. Whereas, after bamboo is cut, it is able to grow again and again.

Eco Flooring Systems’  solid BT Bamboo flooring provides an ideal environmental alternative to hardwood flooring.

Eco Flooring Systems recognise their responsibility to the environment and have an environmental policy that makes a commitment to only supplying eco friendly products of high quality as part of their product portfolio.

  • Only environmental friendly products that meet international environmental standards
  • Sustainable supply - all monitored plantation bamboo forests
  • Non toxic manufacturing process
  • Adhesives and coatings all environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable packing

BT Bamboo contributes to certification under the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star rating system. That is why specifiers chose BT Bamboo for projects such as Lend Lease HQ in Sydney and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Melbourne.