The BT Bamboo flooring, available from Eco Flooring Systems , is an environmental alternative to timber flooring that is a hard wearing, pre-finished flooring system.

McBride Charles Ryan specified Eco Flooring Systems’ BT Bamboo light sand vertical wide boards for the eco house.

Natural bamboo flooring is light in colour yet as hard as traditional darker timbers such as Jarrah and tallowwood.

The BT Bamboo light sand is a natural blonde colour, which complements modern metal, stainless steel, chrome or galvanised iron.

The BT Bamboo enhances timber furniture and fittings. Looks like beech timber adding a light glow to the interior.

The BT Bamboo flooring comes pre-finished with a seven coat factory finish eliminating the need for messy on site coating and can be laid over existing floor surfaces.

Eco Flooring Systems supply BT Bamboo flooring for high quality domestic and commercial applications. Eco Flooring Systems’ 12 year track record is based on the fact that they are committed to supplying high quality bamboo flooring.

The BT Bamboo flooring is manufactured with strict quality control and environmental standards, especially when it comes to the glues used in lamination and the coatings used to finish the boards.