Coloured floors appear to be ever more popular with the latest design trends, and Eco Flooring Systems - BT Bamboo Flooring now have some exciting alternatives for custom stained pre-finished floors.  

  • Lime wash look white floors 
  • Pre-finished in Australia with eco friendly, very durable coating 
  • Hand stained in colour of choice 
  • Cost effective 
  • No messy on site staining and coating

BT Bamboo light sand vertical wide T&G bamboo floor boards measure 152 x 1830 x 15mm.

The BT Bamboo raw boards are being hand stained and coated in Australia, and there are no harmful VOC’s in the paint. The coatings are eco friendly and UV cured and generally more durable than on site coating.

Off site staining ensures a more consistent staining and coating and means there is little or no down time to stain and coat on site. Staining of the bamboo flooring offsite means no mess, no fumes and no waiting for coats of varnish to dry.

The most popular colours for staining are Bright White and French White, though any colour in the Dulux 101 colour chart is available.