Recent trends in flooring finishes suggest that architects and consumers moving away from high gloss to low gloss, good news for the Eco Flooring Systems ’, BT Strand.

The strandwoven bamboo range of floor boards features a Trefferts coating system that uses of thirteen layers of aluminium oxide producing a low gloss, satin coating.

The multi-layer finishing system is treated using ultra-violet (UV) energy to strengthen the coating. The result is a flooring system that is extremely resistance to scratch, impact and abrasion.

The protective coating on the BT Strand bamboo floor boards are water based and non-toxic. Combined with the eco friendly properties of bamboo the BT Strand range meets international standards for low VOC emissions. 

Eco Flooring Systems’ are able to provide customers with peace of mind when looking for sustainable flooring solutions.

Benefits of BT Strand bamboo floor boards:
  • Pre-finished
  • Fast and simple to install
  • Messy sanding is eliminated ;and
  • No need for coating or fumes.
Not only does a satin coating enhance the natural characteristics of the bamboo flooring, it is easy to maintain as marks are less visible.