Eco Elegance  offers a wide range of Ecolad Windproof Ashtrays which come with a unique windproof design. These windproof ashtrays can be used in many places such as resorts and cruise lines. These ashtrays are heat-resistant and available in a pallet of colours to suit the different areas where it is to be kept. These outdoor ashtrays from Eco Elegance come with a unique cover that prevents the ashes from being blown out and also prevents any kind of odour.

The Free Standing Ashtray, which is a type of outdoor ashtray, can be used in common smoking areas.
The Eco Elegance Ash & Trash Combo Unit is designed for cigarette disposal and litter control. Made out of stainless steel, this product can be attached with a cigarette disposal unit.

Smoke Buttler Cigarette Disposal Unit, another product from Eco Elegance, is ideal to be used in areas such as outdoor cookouts, customer entranceway and other similar places. These containers can hold many cigarette butts and come with an optional cable and lock system thereby relieving the customers from theft problems.

Patio Smokers' Outpost is designed to suit seated outdoor break areas. Made of durable cast aluminum, the Landmark Smokers' Outpost, another product from Eco Elegance, is available in bronze, silver and pewter. The Butt Stop Cigarette Disposal System is made of stainless steel and is designed to extinguish butts completely.