Eco-Core  smoked solid timber undergoes a special smoking process, a method that can achieve a look similar to dark coloured architectural hardwoods using European Oak.

The smoked solid timber is available in 52 mm thickness with lengths between 1800mm - 3000mm and widths between 150mm - 300mm. These are supplied in premium quality square sawn slicer boards. The solid timber undergoes a smoking process that achieves an even and consistent dark colour to the heart or core of the timber. 

Eco-Core solid hardwood is extremely hard wearing, making the product ideal for bench/table tops, conference/meeting tables, high quality joinery/furniture, doors, flooring, wall panelling, stair treads and more. The smoked European oak is supplied in complete logs, so if used for large tables or similar, the architect or designer can have "book matched" solid smoked timber for their projects.

Eco-Core also offers natural European oak (non smoked.) These are supplied in block cut rough sawn timber. The Smoked and Natural solid timbers are natural products and therefore will have natural variances in colour, grain and overall appearance. The Eco-Core smoked European oak is E1 certified for environmental sustainability.