Blockboard panels reveal good features of working versatility as they are easy to cut and reclaim, are light in weight, stable and have high mechanical features.

Besides its traditional use in joinery works, the great dimensions of the blockboard panels make it advantageous for use in oversized construction in particular doors and furniture, as the light weight exerts less stress onto hinges, improving furniture life.

The 5-layer Blockboard panels consists of a long-grain core covered by two layers of cross-grain veneer sheets on each side with parallel grain.

The core is formed by 29mm wide poplar strips bonded together; the two layers of veneer are also in poplar with a minimum total thickness of about 2.6mm. The Blockboard panels hold screws well and are strong and stable due to its construction.

The Blockboard panels are light in weight – 350 to 380 kg/m3 depending on the thickness or approximately half the weight of MDF. Available with 3mm MDF faces or poplar faces.

The thicker boards are typically used for internal doors, sliding doors, pivot hinged doors, large conference and meeting tables, long span shelving or high quality joinery/furniture. The Blockboard panels are suitable for use as a substrate material for re-veneering or laminating.

The Blockboard panels are available from Global Ventures Australia .