Eco-Block Australia  is a manufacturer of the innovative insulated concrete forms that are used in the installation of durable concrete walls for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in Australia.

The modular insulated concrete form system is accompanied by expanded polystyrene side panels available in standard sizes of 101mm, 152mm and 202mm. Concrete can be poured into these forms in extreme conditions of heat or cold as the polystyrene side panels are highly durable. It is this polystyrene that provides an insulated environment in the concrete forms. The side panels can be applied with any finish such as brick, stone or concrete.

The versatility of the Eco-Block Australia system makes it easy for it to be installed in single, double or multi story buildings. Tilt up wall can also be constructed by using only one side panel. This provides insulation and furring only on one side. Footings up to 24 inches are easily installed by Eco-Block Australia too.

The concrete forms from Eco-Block Australia are lightweight and do not produce threats to workers installing them. Wall thickness with the help of these forms ranges from 100mm to 600mm.