Noisy construction projects continue to present a challenge for contractors, especially when executed at night.

Ray Lee from Echo Barrier observes that night works are especially prone to complaints from the community; therefore, contractors and project managers need to manage noise issues upfront in order to maintain goodwill.

Night works at construction projects offer several advantages for the community by keeping busy roads clear and operational during peak hours. However, noise management becomes a major obligation after dark.

Ray explains that people are understandably more sensitive to noise at night, and the social media has made it very easy for people to raise concerns, sometimes even before there’s an actual issue. He notes that people use social media to express their worries about noise intrusion, even when they see a crew setting up for night work.

According to Ray, having noise mitigation products in place will not only help keep the volume down, but will also reassure stakeholders that their concerns are being addressed before they turn into complaints.

Echo Barrier is a range of temporary acoustic barriers that can help contractors keep noise within acceptable limits, maximising their night working opportunities, minimising headaches for the organisations they deliver work for, and improving their capacity to win night work contracts. Ray says it is important for contractors to use noise mitigation products that effectively control noise, are cost effective, and also simple to set up.

Working by absorbing rather than reflecting sound, Echo Barrier products have been developed by leading acoustic engineers to work in the real world, not just in the lab. The barrier reduces the impact noise and drone of construction equipment and also lowers these frequencies, making it easier for people to talk over the noise, use their mobile phones, or watch television.

Echo Barrier is a portable barrier that attenuates noise and can also help with dust and debris control.

Key features and advantages of Echo Barrier temporary acoustic barriers include easy and quick set up, removal and redeployment in a very short period; highly visible solution informing community about noise management measures on site; easily fitted to temporary fencing or scaffolding; ability to reduce noise by 10-20 dB(A); and innovations like an acoustic tent available for locations with high rise buildings.