Ecco Pacific  started in 1992, distributes industrial products, tools, fasteners, cabling accessories, air movement and safety products. Ecco Pacific also supplies a wide range of industrial products like electrical and communication products, warning bells, sirens, flash time watches and thermostats.

Ecco Pacific distributes cable joint products such as branch splice kits, cable duct sealing kits, cable jointing accessories, force springs, insulating resin among others. Branch splice kits are used for branch jointing single core unarmored tree at a rate of 1.1 kV. These are ideal for traffic systems, cathodic protection and street lighting.

Coldshrink tubing can be installed safely and easily. It has the ability to seal tight and it retains the resiliency and pressure even after a long period. It is also resistant to water, fungus, alkalies and acids.

Flame retardant compounds supplied by Ecco Pacific possess high strength and are moisture resistant. Thus they can be used with cable insulations and jackets. High gel re-enterable compound is a cost effective product which provides penetration of splice bundle even at low temperature.

Ecco Pacific also supplies diagnostic and detection equipment like infrared thermometers for accurate measurement of temperatures at a safe distance. It is lightweight and has a low battery indicator along with a backlit LCD display.