The LF550 frameless glass louvre system from EBSA Pty Ltd is an excellent operable façade solution that maximises natural light and ventilation throughout the building.

Capable of wide spans and large blade heights that assume the appearance of a fixed façade in a closed position, the LF550’s large-format frameless design and concealed mullions are ideal for architects looking to maintain a sleek all-glass look on their buildings.

Recommended for commercial projects, the LF550, unlike domestic louvres, features blade heights up to 600mm and individual spans of up to 1990mm wide. The LF550 can accommodate a wide variety of glass configurations from 11.51mm up to 21.52mm.

EBSA’s LF550 frameless glass louvre system has the glass positioned to the front of the mullions, unlike traditional louvres where the glass is placed between the mullions. This allows for continuous glass spans of up to 5m using intermediate mullions, minimising the exposed aluminium framing for better aesthetics. The operating mechanisms, gearboxes and motors are concealed within the louvre frame. Typical opening angles of up to 80 degrees are achievable for the louvres.