The ECOBUS natural ventilation system from EBSA Pty Ltd was selected for The Corso project by PDT Architects. The operable awning sashes in the building needed to be interfaced with the BMS.

Utilising the KNX standard, ECOBUS provided the solution with a simple traffic light system allowing the occupants to enjoy natural ventilation when external conditions were amenable. The windows are modulated (0-100%) for more effective control and sensors located within each zone provide feedback to the BMS (through the ECOBUS system) to shut down mechanical heating and cooling and enable natural ventilation.

Key features of the project also include a touchscreen located in the main library office area providing information on each zone within the building, with library staff able to manually operate the windows as desired; and VCD 200/350 chain drives (actuators) incorporating SGI functionality for 0-100% modulation fitted to the G. James supplied windows.

EBSA supplied and installed all of the automation hardware, cabling, programming and commissioning of the system.