Several products from EBSA Pty Ltd were specified for a challenging installation at the multi-award winning UQ Global Change Institute. EBSA’s G12 series louvres and vertical sunscreens were chosen to meet sunscreening, natural ventilation and smoke relief objectives.

EBSA designed the operating mechanisms and sun-tracking automation of the external vertical sunscreens. EBSA also carried out the installation due to the extremely tight tolerances demanded by the product.

EBSA not only provided automation for the thermal chimney but also carried out the installation of the entire chimney structure due to the technical difficulties posed by the building design including the inflating roof. The G12 series louvres cover nearly the entire facade of the building (behind the vertical screens).

EBSA worked directly with G. James Glass and Aluminium to deliver the fully automated louvres, which were integrated into a bespoke timber composite mullion design.

While the vertical louvres are designed primarily for sunscreening and operate automatically in accordance with the sun’s position, the G12 louvres work in conjunction with the thermal chimney to provide an effective natural ventilation and smoke relief system.

EBSA used D+H Mechatronic window automation hardware as well as the failsafe RZN series smoke control panels.

The purpose built commercial solutions from EBSA resolved many of the interface issues typically faced in similar projects when residential solutions are applied to commercial applications.

EBSA was able to interface effectively with the BMS supplied by Johnson Controls and even provided remote monitoring of the sunscreen system.