Available from Easypanel , easyline internal wall panels have been designed for installation in residential and commercial areas that experience high levels of human traffic.

easyline wall panels are manufactured from moisture resistant medium density fibre board (MDF) and are suitable for internal wall and ceiling linings and for walls above Dado Rail height. They can also be mixed with easyascot or other wall panels from the Easypanel range.

With the appearance of plasterboard and the strength of timber panels, easyline internal wall panels are supplied pre-primed and ready for painting and are simple to install with the easyjoin system. The easyjoin system does not require the joints to be sealed.

This strong and impact resistant wall material is an ideal alternative to plasterboard and can also be used in storage areas and garages as it is able to withstand the hanging of items on walls. Easyline can be easily cut with household tools such as a power saw or hand saw.

Easyline internal composite wall panels come in a standard width of 1200mm and are available in lengths of 2400mm, 2700mm, and 3600mm.