In today’s market, designers and specifiers are looking to set themselves apart with innovative solutions that deliver speed and cost efficiency while meeting the strict performance requirements set out by Australian regulation. Specifying for interior wall and ceiling linings is no different. The shortcomings of the conventional materials used for interior linings are clearer than ever, and the industry is looking at alternative design-based solutions like medium density fibreboard (MDF) to make up the difference.

Beneath the surface: Specifying interior linings to meet the requirements of modern buildings is a critical look at the traditional materials used for interior linings and how they stack up against MDF in the key performance areas. In this whitepaper, we explore traditional interior linings and provide a summary of the relevant performance requirements. This is followed by a discussion of the performance shortcomings of plasterboard and natural timber. The whitepaper then shifts its focus toward MDF, with specific emphasis on its superiority as a lining solution in terms of cost, ease-of-use and performance.

Since 1986, Easycraft has been Australia’s leading provider for high performance, stylish interior wall and ceiling panels. With strong technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the latest building trends, Easycraft offers contemporary MDF linings that meet the stringent NCC and BCA requirements for thermal, acoustic, and fire performance. Backed by outstanding customer service, Easycraft solutions deliver performance where other lining materials fall short.

Download this whitepaper to enter the world of interior linings and see how innovative, design-based solutions are giving designers and specifiers viable alternatives to conventional lining materials.