Easycraft  offers sophisticated wall lining solutions. Easycraft makes simple to prepare wall needs. The products from Easycraft include Easyascot which is ideal for domestic purpose. It is also an ideal substitute for traditional plasters and panels. Easyascot is very trendy with classic joinery wall panels. It is manufactured from Craftwood MR, a product of plantation timber.

Easyclad is mainly used for walls and ceilings. It is high impact resistant and is available as boards with 9.5mm thickness. Easyclad is made from Australian hardwoods which have durability and a low fibre swell. It gives a traditional look of tongue and groove.

Easyline is a wall lining material made from 9mm, medium density fibre board, which is moisture resistant. Easyline is ideal for places with high wall impact like, schools, child care centres, nightclubs, sports halls etc.

Easydado is finger jointed pine moulding from Easycraft to accompany the wall linings fixed to timber and steel frame. Easydado rebated is equal to that of Easycraft wall lining. Easycurve gives a bent look around the wall to shape up the ceiling. It is made of bendable MDF board. It is used for curved walls, ceiling pelmets, cabinet making, and shopfitting. The other products of Easycraft are easyclear, esyvj and easyregency.