Easycraft  manufactures an environmentally friendly external cladding alternative.

easyclad external cladding is an exterior grade 9.5mm board manufactured from renewable, environmentally friendly Australian hardwood. The easyclad board is manufactured from silvicultural thinnings of Australian Eucalyptus Hardwood.

The easyclad external cladding is a reconstituted wood product that contains no artificial glues or binders and is recyclable and biodegradable. easyclad external cladding is high impact resistant and is available in a range of sizes and profiles including easyclad VJ, easyclad Regency and easyclad Smooth.

easyclad external cladding can be used for internal wall and ceiling linings but also offers the flexibility for application as both a wall and ceiling lining in external areas such as under verandas or in any external area that is not directly exposed to the elements.

Easycraft supplies easyclad external cladding with a good factory applied undercoat on both sides that allows a professional painted finish with minimal preparation.

Easycraft is an Australian owned company that continues to develop and refine a suite of innovative wall lining products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.