easydado is a dado rail that complements all profiles of timber wall panels from Easycraft which end at dado height.

The dado rail provides a professional finish and can be supplied in either flat or rebated profiles, adding that perfect finish to decorative wall panelling. With the two profiles, flat and recessed, the dado rail can be used to finish off the 900mm high panels (rebated profile) or used to sit at any height (flat profile).

Manufactured from pre-primed clear finger jointed pine, easydado weighs 3.4kg per length and is available in the following measurements:

  • easydado flat (sits flush) – 58mm (H) x 28mm (D) x 3600mm (L)
  • easydado recessed (rebated to suit 9mm Easycraft wall panels) – 48mm (H) x 28mm (D) x 3600mm (L)
easydado is suitable to finish off the top edge of the panel, to finish the join between the wall lining and existing sheeting behind, and as a decorative trim over full height sheets.