Eastern Elevators  has been involved in manufacturing and installing the Eastern Machine Room-less model series, Eastern Compact (MRL) passenger lifts for several years. Basic sizes available are 10, 13, 16 passengers or 680kg, 884kg, and 1088kg payloads.

These lifts from Eastern Elevators come with a 1:1 drive and roping system which is achieved by the addition of a cantilevered lift car. The lift car is designed by Eastern Elevators to have landing openings on three sides, in order to allow versatility to developers to opt for single side openings, corner car openings, or through car openings.

Eastern Elevators states that the advantages of having this particular model series of passenger lifts installed will be, low top over run, gearless permanent magnet machine, ten to sixteen passenger load range, cabin finishes to choice, smooth ride, best quality door configuration and versatile landing, fast installation technique, earthquake friendly, no machine room, no ventilation problem, no vision windows, 180 starts per hour and built to comply with the Australian standards.

After manufacturing the elevator in its factory, Eastern Elevators transports it to the site and the elevator is installed as required. The product will be fully tested and checked as per the norms for quality control before it is commissioned into service.