Rammed earth construction is a proven method of building construction that delivers strength, low maintenance and safety benefits while reducing the environmental impact.

The benefits of rammed earth construction continue to be documented by architects and builders as well as environmentalists and environmentally-conscious homeowners. An obvious choice for environmentally-sensitive homeowners, a rammed earth house offers energy efficiency, excellent thermal performance and improved stability; uses low toxic building products; is pest-proof and fire-proof; has low maintenance requirements; and is the closest to a natural living environment.

Energy efficient construction

Delivering both economic and environmental benefits, rammed earth construction uses building materials that can be sourced locally, substituting timber and other highly manufactured building products. Rammed earth walls don’t need core filling or reinforcing. The Earth Structures Group uses cement stabilisation techniques and can work with engineers to construct walls around steel components if required.

Low toxic building products

Rammed earth construction makes use of locally sourced materials instead of traditional building materials that may contain chemicals. Rammed earth houses offer improved indoor air quality, making this construction method ideal for people susceptible to or living with allergies. The Earth Structures Group uses a blend of locally sourced road-base materials, sand, cement and waterproofing admixtures with a hard low-sheen acrylic sealer applied to all internal wall surfaces. External walls remain unsealed.

Excellent thermal performance

The high R-value of insulated stabilised rammed earth walls improves the thermal performance of the structure. Rammed earth walls collect heat from the sun during the day and release this warmth at night to naturally warm the home. Properly designed rammed earth buildings in certain locations may even eliminate the need for mechanical heating and cooling systems in a home.

Low maintenance

Rammed earth walls are maintenance-free for the life of the building. Since they don’t need finishing with plaster, paint, wallpaper or tiles, this construction method not only saves money and energy during the build but also eliminates the need for upkeep or maintenance going forward.

Improved stability

Rammed earth walls are load-bearing, providing substantial bracing to buildings usually well in excess of most timber-framed houses. Buildings from the Earth Structures Group rarely require additional portal frame sections to withstand point loads.

Noise reduction

The thickness and density of rammed earth walls reduce noise levels, including external noise, voice and footfall noise, and echo.

Pest proof

By eliminating load bearing timber or wall cavities in the build, rammed earth walls will remain pest-proof.

Fire proof

Rammed earth buildings offer additional fire protection, making homes built out of rammed earth ideal for bush settings.

Natural living environment

Rammed earth houses are the closest anyone can get to living in a natural environment.