Dynaveil has released a new mechanism designed to eliminate the hazards of looped chains or cords in window coverings.

Children are particularly at risk of being seriously harmed by looped chains used in roller blinds. Dynaveil’s new SmarTUG mechanism is designed to completely remove such hazards while offering unprecedented convenience for the operation of blinds.

Completely negating the need for a looped chain control, the patent pending SmarTUG mechanism combines industry leading technologies in energy management and precision control to create blinds that are not only simple and safe to use, but also have an extended lifespan thanks to the reduced sudden stress placed on the blinds or fixings. 

The SmarTUG mechanism allows a simple tug to control the opening and closing of the blinds, with another tug allowing the user to stop the blind at any position going up or down.

The SmarTUG mechanism control is just one of the many benefits offered by the Dynaveil range of solar powered motorised window coverings launched recently. 

The solar powered blinds from Dynaveil do not require any electrical wiring or batteries, promising years of trouble-free use with no running costs. Dynaveil blinds work in most environments with access to natural daylight and do not require direct sunlight to be effective.

The Dynaveil system

Specially engineered electric drives have been developed for solar powered applications, combining strength, control and advanced power management features to store and convert solar energy. The narrow solar array is unobtrusive, fitting neatly against the inside of the window. Fitted on north facing windows or high level window tints, Dynaveil’s solar powered window covering systems are efficient and effective. 

In the single largest project of its kind, all 5500 rooms in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas were outfitted with solar powered blinds sharing the same core technologies with Dynaveil products. Further refinements have been made by Dynaveil to cater to the Australian market and its specific needs.

Key features of Dynaveil solar powered blinds include reliable, field proven solar panel and power management system; optional RF remote control with one stylish handheld unit controlling multiple blinds; optional wall mounted controls; low noise motorised operation; designed to fit vast majority of Australian window sizes; interface for integration with 3rd party controls; comprehensive range of fabrics; and 5-year warranty.

With over 10 years of development focused on solar powered applications and extensive onsite experience in the US, the Dynaveil range of roller blinds is now available in Australia for domestic and commercial applications. 

Made in Australia, the Dynaveil range can be bought from retailers or online.