Dynamic Composite Technologies now stock Proctor’s Roofshield roof underlay which is designed to act as a breather membrane in building envelope construction. The underlay is made from 3 ply spun bonded polypropylene fabric and is commonly used in roofing systems.

Features include:

  • UV stabilised
  • Rot proof
  • Tear resistant
  • Breathable
  • Allows roof cavities to naturally release vapours
  • Prevents the formation of mould

In temperate climates, Proctor’s Roofshield roof underlay allows vapours to escape before dew point and the formation of condensation. Because of this, mould, swelling, distortion and rotting of timber and corrosion are all prevented.

Roofshield is available in 50 by 1.5 metre rolls, has a low flammability index, and a very low flammability rating. The underlay also meets Australian Standards AS1530.2.