Thermax Light Duty, available from Dynamic Composite Technologies is an insulation and interior finish system for walls and ceilings in metal, wood post frame, and concrete or masonry buildings.  

Consisting of a glass-fibre reinforced polyisocyanurate insulation foam core, Thermax Light Duty insulation is faced with nominal 1.25mm embossed white acrylic coated aluminium on one side and 1.25mm embossed aluminium on the other.  

The environment-friendly Thermax Light Duty insulation material is manufactured with zero ozone depleting potential and helps reduce the carbon footprint of commercial buildings.  

Offering high, long-term R-value, Thermax Light Duty insulation can be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier. Used in conjunction with the appropriate joint closure system for the application, Thermax sheathing with its low perm rating helps to reduce moisture condensation within and behind the insulation.  

Key features of Thermax Light Duty insulation:

  • Tough 1.25mm white embossed aluminium surface makes a durable insulation/finish for use in light impact areas 
  • Can be pressure-washed up to 1,000psi with a 15-degree or greater spray tip 
  • Lightweight insulation boards can be sawed or cut with a knife easily 
  • Simple and quick installation on walls and ceilings, inside and outside or purlins, trusses and bar joints   
  • High, long-term R-value enhances thermal efficiency and reduces energy cost 
  • Glass-fibre reinforced closed cell foam with chemical modifications contributes to improved fire performance and enhanced dimensional stability 
  • White acrylic facers resist damage, are pressure-washable, provide attractive finish, reduce light energy cost and stop air infiltration 
  • Hydrocarbon blowing agent is environment-friendly with no ozone depletion potential