Dynamic Composite Technologies presents a new line of thermal spacers from Dow Styrofoam designed specifically to reduce thermal loss in metal deck roof applications. 

Dow Styrofoam Deckmate 300 thermal spacers are made from high compressive strength 300 kPa Styrofoam brand insulation.

Energy Efficiency Provisions for Commercial Buildings laid down by the BCA (Building Code of Australia) specifies minimum deemed-to-satisfy levels of insulation. In force since May 2006, these provisions aim to reduce the energy waste in buildings, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and securing a healthy future for Australia.  

While the BCA levels are the minimum standard, some progressive builders and building designers are already specifying well in excess of these requirements.  

Insulation blankets used in some metal deck roof constructions may get compressed leading to reduced thermal performance of the roof system.   

Dow Styrofoam Deckmate 300 thermal spacers installed on top of each purlin above the insulation blanket will ensure that sufficient room is available for the insulation blanket to recover to its nominal thickness, enabling stated R values to be achieved.