Dynamic Composite Technologies have designed and manufactured acoustic underlays which are ideal for use under timber floorings and as a wall membrane. Dow Quash 222E thermal insulation is made of polyethylene and comes in 3 or 5 millimetre thicknesses.

Dow Quash 222E comes in a lightweight roll to make installation fast and stress free. Simply unravel the roll, cut to size and tape into place to create a seamless, even covering.

Due to unique waterproof qualities, Dow Quash 222E thermal insulation can also be used as wall membrane protection, and will effectively keep moisture and debris from brick and blockwork.

Dow Quash 222E has excellent acoustic properties making it ideal for music and entertaining rooms.

The insulation meets Australian Standards AS1530, has a density of 25% and a compressive strength of 10%. Less than 1% of water can be absorbed and Dynamic Composite Technologies have developed Dow Quash 222E to be durable, long lasting and versatile.