Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing from Dynamic Composite Technologies is a non structural, rigid board insulation consisting of a glass fibre reinforced PIR foam core laminated between smooth, reflective aluminium foil facers on both sides. 

The glass-fibre reinforced PIR foam core, along with chemical modifications, contribute to improved fire performance and dimensional stability. The core will not melt, flow or drip when exposed to fire, instead it will form a strong char that prevents flame spread and further degradation to the core, unlike EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) which will spread the flame due to oxygen being held between the cells within the panel. The cells are also a thermoplastic, which tend to melt and shrink under intense heat.

The bonded aluminium foil facers serve as effective moisture vapour retarders. Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing can be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier which offers a high insulating value.

Environmental Data: Green Star Compliant, CFC & HCFC Free, Zero ODP, LEED and USGBC.