Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing is available from Dynamic Composite Technologies . Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing is a non-structural, rigid board insulation consisting of a glass fibre reinforced PIR foam core laminated between smooth, reflective aluminium foil facers on both sides. The glass-fibre reinforcement, along with chemical modifications, contribute to improved fibre performance and dimensional stability. The bonded aluminium foil facers serve as effective moisture vapour retarders.

Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing light duty and heavy duty insulating products have an aluminium foil facer on one side with a white coated facer on the other. This design has an aesthetically appealing decorative effect. Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing can be installed exposed to the interior without a thermal barrier which offers a high insulating value and is suitable for installations in attics and exposed roof applications without a thermal barrier. The boards of Dow PIR Thermax Sheathing are light in weight and can be sawed or cut with a knife. They can be installed quickly to walls and ceilings, and inside and outside of purlins, trusses or bar joints. The butt joints must be installed over structural members.