Dyna Air Australia , established two decades ago, manufactures natural cooling systems for domestic and commercial purposes. Dyna Air Australia manufacture their roof ventilators in Brisbane and has warehousing facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. Dyna Air Australia distributes their products throughout Australia and also exports their products to New Zealand.

Without proper attic ventilation, heat from the attic radiates into the living room. With proper attic ventilation, hot air is removed, making the living and working areas more comfortable as fresh air circulates.

Dyna's ventilators are free-spinning roof ventilators that provide fresh air to the roof space, throughout the year. The wind-powered ventilating system eliminates electricity and wiring expenses. A slight breeze is sufficient to spin the rotary turbines, but even without a breeze, it can still ventilate. Through proper ventilation, the working and living environment are made cooler with less humidity and dampness. This helps in reducing power consumption by air-conditioners and fans.