Dyna Air Australia 's natural cooling systems, such as domestic ventilators feature nylon reinforced bearing housing and all aluminum anti-corrosive construction. The nylon reinforced bearing housing is a nylon fiberglass that adds strength and effortless working action. The bearings come with a solid 10mm aluminum shaft that supports the rotor head. It also incorporates a wind powered exhaust fan. The ventilators operates silently and use free wind energy.

Dyna Air Australia's ventilators remove odours like industrial fumes, kitchen fumes, and insect repellents. The ventilators reduce maintenance cost by getting rid of hot, damp air. The roof ventilators turn on with the slightest breeze yet can withstand wind velocity of up to 193 km/hr. The exhaust fan ensures increased exhaust capacity. The unit rotates on two precision steel ball bearings which are individually sealed and lubricated for a longer life. Eave vents facilitate the removal of hot and moist air from attic space. Dyna Air Australia offers a wide range of powder coated roof ventilators.