Dyna Air Australia 's natural cooling systems, like commercial roof ventilators' features include double protection ball bearings, nylon dust cap, and bearing housing with a resistant to 170 degrees, all aluminum, anti-corrosive construction with grade 5005 H34, silent operation, and are designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions. Commercial roof ventilators are available in sizes 553mm (21”), 610mm(24”), 762mm(30”), and 1000mm(40”).

Dyna Air Australia's other roof ventilators range includes Senility. Senility uses free solar energy using Microsoft ultra reflective solar film tubing. Senility sheds light in dark living areas. Senility roof domes are made of clear, high-impact acrylic with ultraviolet protection for longer life. Miltie's flexible ducting is manufactured from triple-layered metalized polyester which encases spring steel spiral wire ribbing. The high reflective surface of the ducting conforms to Australian building standard code.

Dyna Air Australia installs and distributes many number of roof ventilators each year and offers quick customer service on all their roof ventilation products. Dyna Air Australia's natural cooling systems are energy saving, environmentally friendly, and made for both domestic and industrial units with a wide range of colours.