DX West  introduces a new range of portable modular data centres in Perth.
Manufactured and assembled in Australia and built to Australian Standards, the modular data centres are designed to meet the high demand for data centre space throughout Australia and Asia.

Though there is significant interest in modular data centres worldwide, the high costs typically associated with modular design and deployment have resulted in slow uptake.
DX West decided to develop modular data centres that would compete with traditional brick and mortar establishment costs, yet still maintain the same technical and operational advantages facilitated by a modular approach.

Mr Dean Coetzee, Director of Sales at DX West describes the new range as ‘a data centre in a box’, delivering a turnkey, drop down solution.

Portable modular data centres are aimed at industries such as the mining and resources sector, where reliable remote site communications are becoming more crucial each day. Similarly, universities, government agencies, financial institutions and large IT service companies who have a requirement for data centre space would see benefit in the product.
Coetzee adds that the modular data centres help CIOs and CFOs better manage their costs with a scalable approach by eliminating the major capital and operational costs of traditional brick and mortar data centres, which are gradually becoming redundant as companies find it increasingly difficult to justify multi-million dollar data centre builds that take years to establish and see a return.
Key features of DX West portable modular data centres:

  • Available from small scale, single one-off unit deployments to multiple units deployed to one site
  • Built for harsh environments and can be deployed outdoors
  • Standardised product suitable for CBD deployments and built to Tier III standards
  • 10-week build and delivery from order
  • Rapid deployment provides data centre space off a production line