Dux Lighting Agencies  was established in the year 1979 and specializes in the manufacture and supply of commercial and architectural lighting products in Australia. It also supplies a wide range of utility lighting products and exterior lighting products.

Dux Lighting Agencies supplies utility lighting products such as Pacific luminaries and surface mount fittings. Dux Lighting Agencies supplies IP65 lighting products which is appropriate for marine applications. It has full spectrum of energy saving compact fluorescent lamps fitted with stainless steel screws with five years assurance against UV degradation.

The IP65 lighting products from Dux Lighting Agencies have talc filled polypropylene bases that are UV stabilised. The lenses of these lighting products are made of UV stabilised poly carbonate or acrylic materials. IP65 series from Dux Lighting Agencies has felt washers that allow thermal consistency and minimises condensation. It is available in black, silver or white colours and can be provided in custom made colours according to specific requirements of the individual clients.

Dux Lighting Agencies supplies different kinds of surface mounted fittings that go well with interior and exterior applications. The surface mounted fittings from Dux Lighting Agencies are available for all kinds of applications ranging from budget to five star varieties.